Monday, February 24, 2014

My Qualifications...?

A particular thought has bothered me lately: what are my qualifications to write a blog on such a serious subject? I mean my goal is to help people suffering through some sort of emotional distress.

But I'm not a psychiatrist, psychologist, or even a licensed counselor. Who am I to say what a person is supposed to do when struggling with depression?

I am just a 20 year old, newly married (had to throw it in there), white girl living in middle class America. No degree, no training, no nothing. So why do I even bother?

Then God reminds me:
I know what it's like to have feelings of depression. I know what it's like to have suicidal thoughts or desires to hurt myself, and the inward shame accompanying those thoughts for even having them in the first place. I battle with feelings of bitterness toward people that have hurt and betrayed me. I understand gut-wrenchingly real emotional struggles.

God reminds me that he has allowed me to go through seasons of pain so that I can both know more of Him and others while they are going through their own painful trials.

Even though I do not have any paper qualifications yet, I am working on a degree in Biblical Studies/Biblical Counseling. In telling some people what I am studying, I have received many skeptical looks. Well, there are three reasons why I have chosen to pursue this area of education:
1. I know what heartache feels like, and I want further training on how to heal personally (because I have no doubt that I have future tough times ahead).
2. I have encountered people with specific emotional struggles that I wasn't sure of the right response and advice to offer. I believe the Bible is absolute Truth, and thus I want a biblical mindset behind the advice and support I give to others.
3. I believe the purpose of life is rooted in God, and I want deeper training in the Truth and share it with others.

I totally believe people can accomplish the three tasks I listed without having to go to a Bible college. But for my personal, educational, and spiritual walk, I know this is the right route for me. I also hope that in learning Biblical Counseling, I will be able to offer more support and encouragement while blogging.

In doubting both my desire to grow my blog and my pursuits in education, I found some motivational quotes that push me to work through it. I hope they help you and encourage you to fully pursue what God has designed you to do!

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