Friday, April 20, 2018

Sometimes I Yell At My Kids When I Blog

I'm not proud of it. In fact I'm quite ashamed of it. My mind will be 100% focused on writing a blogpost, building my Pinterest page or watching a webinar about blogging. Then my toddler is whining for something he doesn't need and my baby is crying for attention. I get frustrated at my children for distracting me from work.

God is generally pretty quick to remind me that my children are a major reason why I work, and if anything is a distraction, it's my work distracting me from my kids. So I'm convicted.

But I think the enemy tries to use this conviction to make me think the my work is worthless. Well I got angry at my kid while I was writing that blogpost, so now it would be totally hypocritical of me to publish that post. Gotta throw it all out and wait until the timing is perfect before I write it again.

First - the timing is NEVER going to be perfect. Life is always

Thursday, April 19, 2018

34 Bible Verses About Storms

Recently I've wanted to compile a list of Bible verses about storms simply because life is filled with storms. As tempting as it was to just google "Bible verses on storms" and pull a bunch of verses from various lists, I felt like I would be cheating myself out of quality Bible study by doing it that way. So instead, I conducted my own research using The Strongest NASB Exhaustive Concordance and various commentaries to compile this list.

A lot of these verses have great applications for facing storms in life, and offer hope despite doubt and fear, even in today's world, thousands of years after the divinely inspired authors wrote these verses. However, sometimes it's difficult to understand how it's applicable when you don't fully understand the context of the verse. So in parentheses next to several of the references, I've included little blurbs that attempt to give at least enough context to glean more value from the passage in regards to its real life application. (Some of the blurbs are taken from the headings of the NASB).

Saturday, April 7, 2018

I Stink At Styling My Hair

Everyone who sees me is going to think I'm an idiot because I stink at styling my hair. It may sound ridiculous, but for a good 20 minutes this morning, thoughts like this consumed my mind. I didn't have much time to get ready, and I honestly don't have the patience to spend an hour styling my hair.

I had my heart set on pigtails. After about 7 tries, I gave up. I sat there for a long time contemplating how many different people thought so little of me because my hair looks so bad. It sounds kind of funny now, but in that bad moment I truly felt like every woman in my life looked down me because I couldn't even do the basic feminine task of styling my hair. Even my best hair days feel like everyone else's "meh" days. I felt my self-worth plummeting as these thoughts continued to spiral downward.

Monday, April 2, 2018

God's Romance is Better Than Any Romantic Fantasy

I had to completely erase my first draft of this post because I neglected to include my own struggles in it. I tried to use modern day love stories, books and movies alike, to contrast with God's pursuit of us. But then I realized I wasn't really doing justice to the truth God has been illuminating to me recently. To accurately convey how He's been working on my heart, I had to be real and raw. And so, I'm sharing some embarrassing struggles of mine so you can see how I believe God's romance is so much better than any fantasy that the world, or our own minds, try to feed us.

Embarrassing Truth

Ever since I was a preteen, I have struggled with entertaining sexual fantasies. I believe it started with watching kissing and make out scenes in movies and TV shows, and then my mind wandered from there. I was drawn in by the thrill and excitement. To be touched, held and caressed by a strong, handsome man seemed like the dream. Of course, as a female, my fantasies