Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Remembering God

It can be so easy to get caught up in how much life sucks. Viewing life in a negative, pessimistic darkness takes almost everything good out of a person. But as much as it sucks to focus on how much life sucks, I still do it (and I post this blog in hopes that I am not alone in that). A few examples: Despite the many blessings I've received lately, I tend to overlook them. Instead of attempting to build potential friendship, I wallow in frustration over the ones I've lost. Instead of using my thoughts to pray to God for others, I use them to discourage myself and my self-worth. I fail at remembering God day in and day out, especially in my self-talk.

Do you see the trend here? It's all about "me", "myself" and "I." As long as I maintain my focus on myself, I will remain discouraged.

I am currently attending a local Bible college, and in my Bible Study Methods class we just went over Mark 11:27-12:44. A couple of themes throughout the passage include Jesus' authority (especially over the religious leaders questioning him) and the idea of giving to Jesus what belongs to Him: us. The poor widow at the very end of the passage gave in all she had to the temple treasury, and Jesus was more pleased with her sacrificial gift than the large amounts of many the rich people were putting in. Why? Because they were giving out of their "surplus"...essentially their leftover money. But she was giving her first and her all.

Some people ask: how can I give God anything when I have nothing to give? If you are so discouraged and distraught (whether it be from internal, emotional struggle like me or from life circumstances like many other people), let me just remind you of who God is. Check this out:

He is amazing! And He loves you! And I don't mean that in the way the I love Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream. I mean an unconditional, sacrificial, all-sustaining love!! God's character trumps our heartaches any day because, no matter how much life sucks, we have this true hope that it won't last forever! And those who have faith in Jesus' sacrifice get to enjoy that moment when they see Him in heaven. It is reality that eternity with Jesus exists!

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