Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Spiritual Challenge

You know how people say that admission is the first and hardest step to healing? Most of the time this is used in regards to someone needing to admit they have an addiction. I feel like this step can also apply to feelings of depression and loneliness. Of course, most people know if they are feeling depressed or lonely, but some people don't admit that they themselves have some influence and control over it. We fall into such deep pits of horrible emotions for many reasons. It takes no effort to allow bitterness to settle into the soul and let it darken one's view of life, especially people.

I just recently saw a Facebook post asking why people allow themselves not to trust others. The fairly long post talked about how we, as Christians, need to be focused on opening up to each other and building each other up. The poster ended along the lines of a challenge for us Christians to focus on becoming trustworthy people that others can open to and count on to lift them up. (I believe 1 John 4 shows that God wants us to do this).

I hope we all take up that challenge, but a step needs to be taken first: admission. Admitting to God that you (and I!!) have not trusted enough in Him. When we allow ourselves to be so beaten down from the hurt and betrayal of others that we cannot reach out to make new friendships, we are not trusting God in His all-sustaining love for us. It can be so easy to blame God for feeling unwanted by people. But if we are not actively seeking to build and sustain our relationship with Him, then how can we blame Him for allowing the very thing we do?!

So my spiritual challenge to both you and me is this: to daily seek quality time with Him the way we wish others would for us. If we seek out His character and His kingdom, the rest that we need will be taken care of.

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